Estranged Sex

2008 - Ongoing - Estranged sex is an ongoing audiovisual project that includes images, video and text.

“Estranged” refers to someone or something who was formerly close and no longer is. With a broad and holistic understanding of sexuality and sex and after years of honest and stark introspection and reflection upon existence and society begins “Estranged Sex”: a work about a sexuality that is both strange and estranged, natural and alienated.

"Estranged sex" suggests an ironic, critical and rarefied approach to sexuality. Sexuality is understood as a psychosocial and biological entity present on each and every aspect of individuals existence, it is a vast and comprehensive understanding of the term that gives meaning to this series.

“Estranged Sex” is not a distorted reflection of reality given by a subjective mirror but more the reaction to such reality. Equally, it is not a modern and sexually liberated statement, but rather a fight for a freer understanding. What I propose is a reflection upon sexual taboos, the deconstruction of pornography, the naturalization of what's humane and the normalization of the alienated, the legitimation of female sexuality' s goodness and its understanding as something vast and complete. I am thus challenging the established boundaries upon sexuality and defying society's compulsive obsession to control, condemn and restrict human nature.

Human beings are presented here in all their pathetic splendour, tragic vulnerability and endearing humanity, as a familiar being silenced on his doubts and rarities, alienated and absent minded. We observe it doubting in its quotidian spaces whereby he reflects back to us a shameful reality where the rarification of what's natural coexists with the normalization of what's weird. The dislocated and confused being, censored in his daily experiences, tries to find ways to reconcile its animality, corporeality and desires with social intrusions, with no luck, mindlessly getting on extraordinary circumstances, facing equally, what's most beautiful and most ugly of experience.